Mastering Efficiency:

Slash Payment Processing Time by 50% with Sycle and PayJunction

Join us for a demonstration of Sycle’s new release that centralizes PayJunction© data entry right onto your screen — so payment information only has to be entered once.

Make processing easier for your team
  • Schedule recurring transactions to save your team time from processing individual and repeated payments
  • Eliminate tedious work by accessing stored credit card data directly from Sycle
Decrease operating costs and reduce risk
  • Cut down on the potential for errors with single data entry
  • Protect your patient’s credit card information with PayJunction’s Level 1 PCI Compliant security
Create a better patient experience
  • Offer patients convenient payment options, including automatic recurring payments, invoices by email, online payments, and compliant receipts
  • Alert patients to monthly credit card charges by emailing receipts to patients after payment processing

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When: February 1, 2024, 1pm EST/10am PST